Jasneet Samrai is a lifestyle blogger, writing about a wide range of topics- ranging from books that she’s read or experiences she’s had and challenges she’s overcome. She is also a political activist and a die-hard feminist, so also expect the odd opinion piece from time to time.

Despite her young age, she has formally held several senior roles in the Liberal Democrats, previously being a member of the South East Regional Executive for the party and a Former Youth Chair for her region. She has also taken part in multiple press appearances, collaborating with other campaigns such as the People’s Vote and Comprehensive Future, She has taken a step back from frontline party politics for the meantime but is still heavily involved in the non-partisan campaigning on an issue by issue basis. As of March, she was appointed to be the Equalities Spokesperson of Centre Think Tank and launched a campaign called ‘Bathroom Breaks,’ which aims to ensure that all children have access to the toilet in lessons.

Outside of politics, she enjoys travelling, learning languages and sewing- with her setting up this blog as a way of empowering others and encouraging them to see the lighter side of life. We all have to muster through together, we might as well support and learn from each-other whilst we do so.